Most Cagiva owners eventually have the problem of not being able to buy a chain slider for their motorcycle.
We want to give the opportunity for every Cagiva owner to get a new chain slider in a better material and quality than the original.

We started with a new chain slider for the Cagiva Elefant 750 and 900. We then added the chain slider for the Cagiva Raptor and Elefant 350/650/750 (older version Elefant).
When we got questions if we could also deliver a chain slider for a Gran Canyon and a Mito, we started drawing those and making them as well.

During this process we were busy with some other projects like swingarm bushings and some standard parts.
In January 2020 the swingarm bushes were added to the shop.

We are always trying to make more parts that are not available anymore.
If you have suggestions for parts that you might need in the future, feel free to contact us.