Welcome to CagivaParts.eu, your go-to destination for premium Cagiva motorcycle parts. As a one-man shop driven by passion, I take pride in offering high-quality solutions to Cagiva owners facing the challenge of finding reliable chain sliders and other parts for their motorcycles.


My journey began with a simple mission - to provide every Cagiva owner with access to chain sliders crafted from better materials than the original ones. Starting with the Cagiva Elefant 750 and 900, I ventured to create a range of chain sliders, extending to the Cagiva Raptor and the older versions of the Cagiva Elefant 350/650/750. 


As the demand grew and inquiries poured in for chain sliders fitting the Gran Canyon, Navigator and Mito, I gladly embraced the challenge. Drawing from my expertise, I designed and manufactured chain sliders for these models too.


Throughout this fulfilling journey, I've undertaken several projects, including swingarm bushings and standard parts, expanding my offerings to cater to various needs. In January 2020, I proudly introduced swingarm bushings to the shop.


At CagivaParts.eu, my commitment goes beyond supplying existing parts; I continuously strive to revive parts that are no longer available in the market. Your feedback is very important to me, and I warmly encourage you to share any suggestions for parts you might need in the future.


For any queries, collaboration opportunities, or product inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at info@cagivaparts.eu. Together, let's keep the spirit of Cagiva motorcycles alive with top-notch parts and unparalleled service.


Thank you for being a part of the CagivaParts.eu community.


Warm regards,


Vincent van Hoogdalem

Founder, CagivaParts.eu